The Romanian legislative and economic frame has made our law firm adapt to the demands of the market, providing pragmatic approch to legal issues and focussing on the client demands. Thus, as a result of Borza & Associates diversified practice, any aspects part of internal or international commercial law such as privatization, mergers and aquisitions are subject of our lawyers expertise.
All these issues are dealt with high quality of professionalism, focussing on various aspects from the competition compliance with the provisions of environmental law or the labor law. Our practice area in commercial law is proving legal assistance for:

  • Commercial contracts;
  • Mergers and aquisitions;
  • Public offerings;
  • Auctions;
  • Capital market;
  • Commercial fraud;
  • Money market funds;
  • Circumstances to carry out the commercial activity;
  • The professional obligations of the traders;
  • Corporate Governance: setting-up, counselling, the applicable legal frame;
  • GAMs, companies’ administration,
  • Amendments to trade companies;
  • Dissolution and liquidation ;
  • Dividends, fees, legal reserve funds;
  • Administrators’ liability;
  • Shareholders’ litigation, sharing the profit/dividends;
  • Legal assistance and drafting the commercial contracts;
  • Commercial : bill of exchange, cheque , promissory note;
  • Judicial reorganization and bankruptcy;
  • Privatization– legal due diligence reports;
  • Financial and leasing operations

Activity domains