Intellectual property is a very dynamic field of expertise in law as well as in economics. As technological horizons expand at a fast pace and new business models emerge rapidly, Intellectual Property field become very important for our team expertise, both from the point of providing legal assistance in respect of legal provisions and presenting in front of the law courts.

Our legal experts have covered all areas of Intellectual Property Law, namely:

  • Providing legal advice on protection of works either by industrial property right or by copyright;
  • Consultancy on various matters regarding the unpermitted use of brands or business concepts and solutions by third parties, fake or comparative publicity, etc;
  • Providing legal advice on the procedures to be performed before relevant authorities and various matters regarding the protection and use of patents, trademarks, copyrights, know-how and other intellectual property rights;
  • Advising clients on how to interpret, implement and enforce specific regulations with regard to intellectual property and intellectual works protection;
  • Giving commercial and regulatory advice in the fields of telecommunication, broadcasting, information technology, internet, e-commerce, database and software protection from the legal perspective, digital signatures, media and data protection;
  • Drafting and / or reviewing assignment / license agreements and franchise agreements;
  • Ensuring legal protection of commercials, posters and / or any other types of promotional materials, whether or not on a work-for-hire basis;
  • Ensuring legal protection of web sites and web site content, as well as legal advice on the compliance of web sites and web site content with Romanian regulations;
  • Legal advice on software-related issues;
  • Advice on the migration of intellectual property rights within the same group of companies.

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