Borza & Associates Law Firm (member of Borza & Associates Group, together with the insolvency company Euro Insol SPRL) is a multi-disciplinary law firm founded in compliance with law 51/1995, offering legal advice and assistance/representation in various lawsuits connected to the economy before any court of law in Romania

The position of Senior Partner is held by Attorney at Law Remus Borza who has a wealth of experience of tax law, commercial law, insolvency and capital markets. He numbers important achievements in the field of insolvency proceedings by being involved as team leader in a variety of insolvency cases. He has been a member of the Bucharest Bar Association for 18 years; he excels in the areas of tax law, civil law, real-estate transactions, criminal and labor law. He counts numerously settled court cases and is a PhD of Management and lecturer at INPPA. His rich practical experience has been shared by numerous publications in professional journals or presented at conferences or seminars

The legal advice we offer is based on two main terms of reference: advisory services and litigations.

In the field of legal advice, the law firm activity refers to:

  • Legal advice of the clients on the side of the authority or public bodies as well as legal entities of private law regarding the structure and drafting any kinds of legal documentation, in full compliance with the internal legislation; 
  • Offering legal assistance to the client at the negotiations of any commercial contracts or any amicably settlements of certain litigious institutions;
  • Offering legal assistance/representation to the client in front of the  regulatory bodies and economical surveillance markets, such as Authority for Data Protection, Competition Council, Ministries, etc.;
  • Surveillance and drafting the commercial correspondence of the client with the business partners, authorities and state bodies (notifications, call-out, petitions, reports);
  • Drafting the legal opinions in civil, commercial, tax, banking, criminal, labor law or any other kinds of areas mutually settled with the client;
  • Drafting the legal documents by the authentication of the parties’ identity, of the documents’ content and date. 

In respect with the litigation area, our law firm offers legal assistance/representation in lawsuits before any court of common law or arbitration as well as in front of the state bodies, institutions and authorities.

Activity domains