Finance and banking is one of our main areas of practise driven by our outstanding expertise in structuring complex financings. Mrs. Beatrice Popescu specializes in finance and banking , being renowned for her in-depth knowledge and understanding of this sector due to her constant involvement in major projects she has been involved in for 14 years as Legal Division Manager at one of the main credit institution of Romania.

We provide a package of integrated, innovative and pragmatic solutions to the public bodies and institutions as well as to private clients, legal entities. Our areas of  practise refer to general fiscal assistance, drafting the reports, legal opinions, opinions regarding the application procedures of fiscal directives with a view to: business income tax, VAT, excise taxe, withholding tax, tax paid by the individuals, internal revenue. Moreover, our attorneys with a wealth of experience of legal assistance and representation in banking law have regularly acted for major banks and finance providers.

  • Representation and reconciliation – The Romanian Court of Audit;
  • Financial control – legal consultancy;
  • Monetary integration;
  • Direct and Indirect tax revenue;
  • Full payment of the budgetary debts; Impozit pe profit;
  • Income taxes;
  • Allocation of profit;
  • Fiscal facility;
  • VAT;
  • Customs duties;
  • Excise taxes/ legal regime applicable to excisable goods;
  • Stamp duty;
  • Poperty tax; Tax on real estate;
  • Legal assistance for credit contracts;
  • Legal assistance on security interest in real and personal property as well as any other kinds of banking security interests;
  • Syndicated loans;
  • Undue payment;
  • Recovery or enforcement acts;
  • Project finance;
  • Finance and securization of assets;

Activity domains