Market economy is ruthless. In the socio-economic framework after 1989, but especially subsequent to the world economic crisis of 2007-2008, many state or private companies have not succeeded to pass over the free and competitive market economy. Thus Borza&Associates has developed a department designed for insolvency expertise in the SCA Borza & Asociatii shortly acquiring independence, developing rapidly with a team of professionals specializing in recovery of claims, in the context of insolvency proceedings, enforcement, special procedures and common law actions, crisis management, assistance, legal representation and advice, as one of the first professional service providers in the field.

Borza & Associates owns one of the largest insolvency companies in Romania – Euro Insol SPRL – which is the result of the merger of Euro Insol SPRL and Assistance Insolv SPRL. The company is among those nationally agreed by The Authority for State Assets Recovery and The National Agency for Fiscal Administration, being designated as judicial administrator/liquidator for various other companies. 

Currently we manage a portfolio of more than 200 companies that started insolvency procedures, with an overall asset value of around 1 billion EUR. HIDROELECTRICA SA, UZTEL S.A., ASMITA GARDENS SRL, IBIZA SOL, UCM RESITA, SERVTRANS INVEST S.A., MERIDIAN LAND SRL, WORLD TRADE CENTER S.A., PLAFAR S.A. are only some of the comapnies in our management.

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